12 Best Breakfast Foods in America


1. Bacon

Perhaps the most beloved breakfast food in the world, bacon deserves the first spot on the breakfast food list. Its crunchy, salty, and utterly savory flavor is unparalleled and instantly upgrades any dish or meal. Bacon has always been the star of the show and a crucial centerpiece of breakfast dishes that run the culinary gamut from continental breakfasts to breakfast sandwiches to doughnut toppers. You can even use bacon drippings to fry eggs, grits, potatoes, or veggies. Even if you don’t eat pork, turkey bacon and veggie bacon are popular breakfast products that allow any dietary preference the opportunity to enjoy bacon’s distinct and decadent flavor and crunch.


2. Pancakes

Good Old-Fashioned Pancakes Recipe (with Video)

Pancakes are the ultimate comfort food and a fun, easy breakfast food project for a lazy Sunday morning. Most of us can probably recall participating in making batter and attempting to flip a pancake under the supervision of Mom and Dad. Pancakes are also a versatile breakfast food that you can make with many ingredients, from the classic buttermilk recipe to savory potato or cornmeal cakes. In addition, health-conscious eaters or vegans have created delicious two-ingredient banana and oat pancakes. Plus, you can throw any fresh fruit, nut, protein, or dessert into the mix. So whether you want blueberry-pecan, chocolate chip-banana, or mascarpone and lemon, the sky is the limit.