12 Best Hair-Growth Products for Thinning and Shedding, According to Experts


1. Biosil Advanced Hair + Nail Care

If you’re looking to go the supplement route, Dr. King emphasizes the importance of taking one that is backed by research, like Biosil’s Advanced Hair + Nail Care capsules. These supplements are meant to support collagen, elastin, and keratin production, the latter of which is the primary protein in hair. She adds that the supplement may even improve blood flow to hair follicles to stimulate growth while also making individual strands stronger. In case you’re plant-based, you’ll also love that this pill is vegan.

  • Pros: Research-backed formula that also helps strengthen nails; vegan-friendly
  • Cons: Results will take time.


2. Vital Proteins Marine Collagen

Dr. King notes that collagen is one of the most important ingredients to look for in a hair-growth supplement, especially when it comes to treating age-related hair loss. Vital Proteins’ Marine Collagen gets straight to the point with one sole ingredient: collagen peptides. Mix two scoops of the unflavored powder into your morning coffee, smoothie, or even water to get all the hair-growth benefits. “I like the thickness of my hair now, but I wanted something to amp up the thickness even more while helping to prevent loss,” says Tandon. “I was worried this marine collagen would have a fishy taste but it’s totally flavorless. I mix it into my morning protein shake, and after two months I’m noticing significantly less hair coming out in the shower.”

  • Pros: Flavorless; one ingredient; made with wild-caught fish
  • Cons: Not vegetarian-friendly