12 Best Vitamin D Supplements of 2023, According to Experts



11. Source Naturals Vitamin D-3 Liquid


Vitamin D-3 Liquid


  • High number of servings per container
  • Affordable


  • Have to add drops to a drink

Both swallowing and chewing supplements may sound like unappealing options, which is why a liquid supplement is the answer for many.

With these vitamin D drops, it’s easy to adjust the dose to suit your specific health needs. The recommended serving size is five drops daily, added to a drink. However, if your doctor recommends a lower dosage than 2,000 IU, you can easily add fewer drops. These drops are also affordable (with over 300 servings in one bottle) and last a long time.

We appreciate the mild lemon-orange flavor and that the list of ingredients is recognizable. Still, you need a drink on hand to take this supplement and it can be hard to limit the amount of drops you add. You may have to get into the routine of using the dropper but on the bright side (pun intended), you can add them to your favorite drink.

Vitamin D dose2,000 IU
Servings per container369
Cost per serving~$0.03

12. Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 Gummies


Vitamin D3 Gummies


  • Watermelon flavor
  • Non-GMO verified
  • Third-party tested


  • Sugar coating

Parents will appreciate that these 400 IU gummies are third-party purity tested and non-GMO project verified. Meanwhile, kids will love that they taste like watermelon. In fact, Sassos recommends keeping them out of reach so the kiddos don’t accidentally take too many. “You have to be cautious with gummy vitamins in general for both kids and adults since they can be tasty to eat,” she explains. “If someone eats too many, it can lead to toxicity, especially in kids.”

The brand recommends one gummy daily, chewed thoroughly and taken with food. While some online customer reviews note that their children enjoy the tasty flavor, some parents wish the gummies didn’t have a sugar coating (each serving has 2 grams of sugar). Even though these gummies are for kids, adults can take them too and consult with their doctor about how many make sense for their needs and dose.

Vitamin D dose400 IU
Servings per container120
Cost per serving~$0.16