12 Collagen-Rich Foods to Eat for Healthy, Radiant Skin


1. Fish (with the Skin!)

Collagen-Rich Foods

Next time you’re eating a salmon dinner, you might want to leave the skin on, suggests Moore. Fish, in general, is already a great option as it’s rich in the amino acids needed to produce collagen. But ever wonder why a fish’s skin is so smooth after you remove the scales? That’s because there’s a high concentration of Type I collagen, which accounts for the majority of collagen in skin.


2. Red Bell Peppers

Collagen-Rich Foods

“Vitamin C is one of the primary nutrients involved in collagen synthesis,” says Moore, and red bell peppers are chockfull of it. This isn’t to hate on our green and yellow varieties, of course. Red peppers are just super ripe green peppers, while yellow peppers are somewhere in the middle. Each have vitamin C. But the older the pepper gets, the more vitamin C it contains, making the red ones even more useful for that collagen factory.