12 Foods That Are High in Vitamin B12

1. Clams


Vitamin B12: 84.1 mcg in 3 ounces of cooked clams (1,402% of your DV)

Best ways to eat them: Clams are delicious in pasta dishes or stews, like Cioppino or Manhattan clam chowder. Steam them until the shells crack open, or boil for about five minutes after shells open.

2. Oysters


Vitamin B12: 21.84 mcg in 3 ounces of cooked oysters (364% DV)

Other body benefits: Oysters contain more zinc than any other food—a whopping 32 mg in six raw oysters, 400% of your RDA. The essential mineral supports your immune system by helping fight off colds. Another benefit? Zinc can encourage testosterone production, which may improve libido and help women’s ovaries stay healthy.