12 Health Advantages Of Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy, Along With Safety Measures


1. Strengthens immune system:

Antioxidants in fresh sugarcane juice strengthen the immune system and help in fighting against infections, flu, and cold during pregnancy. It also maintains the bilirubin levels and protects the liver. A strong immune system is not only good for the mother but also safeguards the health of the baby inside the womb.


2. Wards off morning sickness:

STIKes Muhammadiyah Ciamis conducted a review revealing that the majority of pregnant women, approximately 70-80 percent, experience morning sickness. Extreme morning sickness, on the other hand, affects a smaller percentage, ranging from one to two percent, among all pregnant women. Morning sickness and nausea are a common symptoms experienced by pregnant women. However, drinking sugarcane juice with a bit of ginger will help reduce this concern.