12 Healthy Brunch Ideas to Step Up Midmorning Meals


1. Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding Bowl

Sharing the morning with guests who don’t know each other all that well—or who could use a nudge to reconnect? An interactive buffet always gets the party buzzing. But instead of the classic bagel bar, switch things up with this healthy brunch idea. Set out a big bowl of chia pudding (seeds are one of the top eight heart-healthy foods to add to your menu, according to dietitians) for guests to serve themselves and garnish as desired with a selection of fresh fruit, nuts, unsweetened large coconut flakes, cocoa powder, and honey.


2. Fruit Platter with Maple-Mascarpone Dip

pink Fruit Platter with Maple-Mascarpone Dip

Sure, you could set out a bunch of bananas or a bowl of berries. Or you could up the ante and make fresh fruit extra-enticing with this healthy brunch idea. Slicing the fruit in advance means it’s attractive and easy to grab. Pair it with a maple syrup-mascarpone dip, and you have a side dish that can play double duty as dessert.