12 Healthy Fall Dessert Recipes to Wrap up Your Meal in Cozy Style


1. Apple-Toffee Tartlets

Apple-Toffee Tartlets

Refrigerated piecrust makes these fruity fall pastries a cinch. Shape the dough in muffin cups, then fill with fiber-rich apples and toffee pieces for a healthy fall dessert that can be made and baked ahead and frozen up to three months. Once you master the easy prep steps for this fast and fresh apple recipe, you might get inspired to try it other times of the year with whatever fruit is in season.


2. Spiced Roasted Fruit

Spiced Roasted Fruit

One bite is all the proof you need that gluten-free, healthy fall desserts can be as delicious as their wheat- and calorie-packed counterparts. Fluffy, creamy ricotta cheese or yogurt acts as a luscious base for a pool of cinnamon-scented roasted fruit. To fit the seasonal theme, we recommend trying this with pears or apples—or you could use frozen fruit you preserved in the summer (we love berries!).