12 Healthy Processed Foods You Should Be Eating, According to Dietitians



7. Muesli cups

bowl of oat granola with yogurt, fresh raspberries, blueberries

If you grew up eating cereal with milk as a kid, think of muesli as the grown-up version, except it’s made with ancient grains, dried fruit, and nuts. Rizzo’s favorite: Bob Red Mill’s Muesli Cups. “Instead of eating sugary cereal in the morning, opt for a gluten-free, on-the-go muesli cup. They are a tasty, low-sugar (less than 9 grams) breakfast that’ll satisfy your sweet craving,” she says.


8. Granola bars

Fruit Bar

Certain granola bars are totally good for you, even though they’re technically processed. The key is to find bars that are lower in sugar, ideally around 5 grams.

If you’re craving some dark chocolate, try KIND’s chocolate nuts and sea salt bar, says Rizzo. “Not only does it satisfy the craving, but it adds some protein and healthy fats to you diet without much added sugar. When you snack on one, you’ll be getting 7 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein, which will keep you satisfied until your next meal,” she says.