12 Heart-Healthy Side Dishes That Don’t Skimp on Flavor


1. Chile-Lime Roasted Vegetables

Chile-Lime Roasted Vegetables

If you’re looking for an alternative way to spice up a heart-healthy dish without using Tajín—a trendy lime and chile seasoning—then you’ll love this heart-healthy side dish recipe. Tajín amps up the flavor for most dishes, but it contains a whopping 32 percent of your daily sodium content per teaspoon. Instead, coat and roast vibrant peppers, turnips, and more produce picks in ground chipotle pepper and fresh lime juice for one hot and healthy side.


2. Sweet Potato Spiral Sauté

Sweet Potato Spiral Saute

If you’re crunched for time and in need of more ways to sneak vegetables into your menu, consider this high-fiber side dish. The skinny sweet potato spirals are both fun to eat and speedy to prepare. They taste amazing crisp-tender from the skillet but will definitely win your heart once you try them coated in a surprisingly low-sodium Asian-inspired almond butter dressing.