12 Keto Desserts That Make the Diet Even Better


1. No-bake low carb strawberry lemon cheesecake treats

1. No-Bake Low Carb Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake Treats

Doing away with the pie crust, this take on cheesecake gets right to the point: the luscious, smooth filling. With layers of tart strawberries cutting the richness of the cream cheese mixture, this parfait-like treat is both decadent and refreshing.



2. Easy orange cake

5. Easy Orange Cake Balls

You can make these babies in 10 minutes, maybe less. The end result is great for on-the-go snacking or if you need just a hint of sweetness to help a hearty meal settle.

Coconut flour replaces the regular kind to keep these cake balls keto. Even better, these cakes require no baking. Just mix, roll, and enjoy.