12 Low-Sodium Appetizers That are Heart-Healthy and Under 250 Calories


1. Matcha-Cucumber Crostini

Matcha-Cucumber Crostini

Think of this crostini recipe as a thoroughly modern twist on the classic afternoon tea-time snack: cucumber sandwiches. Instead of the plain cream cheese spread, we suggest dressing it up with mellow, naturally nutty matcha powder, a drizzle of honey for just enough sweetness, and tangy lemon zest for brightness. Generously spread that atop a toasted baguette, finish with thin slices of crunchy cucumber, and this heart-healthy appetizer is ready for Instagramming—and devouring!



2. Hummus 4 Ways

four bowls of hummus – beet, lime-avocado, beet, and squash

Pump up the protein—and the color—of your next snack-a-thon with this choose-your-own-adventure hummus. We’ve designed four variations of this heart-healthy appetizer recipe so you can try one or all: bell pepper, roasted squash, lime-avocado, and roasted beet. Garnish with nuts and fresh herbs to really make each bowl pop, then pair with a side of whole-wheat flatbread wedges and vegetable sticks.