12 Prediabetes Foods to Avoid—and Plenty More to Enjoy

Sage-Rubbed Salmon

Best dinner: Veggies, fish and barley

When you’re thinking about the best prediabetes diet, it’s all about building a smart plate. Like lunch, you should aim to fill most of your plate with nutrient-rich non-starchy veggies. Fish has heart-healthy properties, important since having prediabetes puts you at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Barley is an especially great whole grain, as it contains a fiber called beta-glucan that’s especially helpful for insulin resistance.

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Worst desserts: Cheesecake, sorbet and frozen yogurt

It’s not hard to understand why cheesecake is one of the foods to avoid for prediabetes. For one, slices are rich in saturated fat, which can impair insulin sensitivity, plus a portion packs 27 grams of sugar, more than a woman should eat in an entire day.

But beware of fat-free desserts like sorbet or frozen yogurt, as they typically contain a lot of added sugar, increasing your blood sugar while offering minimal nutrition. Instead, whip up your own dessert at home like a smoothie bowl or plain yogurt mixed with fruit and cocoa powder.