12 Products to Help You Achieve Your Health and Wellness Goals



5. Pharmedoc® Dual Ab Roller

The Pharmedoc® Dual Ab Roller is a fitness wheel that will help you build core strength. Whether you are a little soft in the middle or chiseled and wanting a new challenge, this tool will help tone and strengthen your midsection. This ab roller has ergonomically shaped handles with non-slip grip, so it’s comfortable to use day after day. This tool keeps your spine in alignment, so you can target your abdomens without the lower back pain commonly associated with abdominal exercises. If you are looking for an inexpensive and compact tool to add to your fitness arsenal, this is the prop for you!

6. Jawbone UP2

The UP2 by Jawbone is a highly stylized fitness tracker that is so sleek and aesthetically pleasing, you might forget that you are wearing a tracker altogether! That is until the activity reminder vibrates, letting you know that you have been idle for too long and that you should get up and move. The tracker syncs to an app on your smartphone, which tracks your activity, as well as sleep duration and quality over time. You can also log your food and other activity in the app for a complete overview of your diet and fitness. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns and it has an adjustable strap for all wrist sizes, so you can find a tracker to match your style and make you want to wear the UP2 every day.