12 Products to Help You Achieve Your Health and Wellness Goals



9. ProBody Pilates Mini Exercise Ball

The ProBody Pilates Mini Exercise Ball is a nine-inch stability ball that is great for yoga, pilates, strength training and physical therapy. Use the mini ball to encourage core strength, challenge your balance and perform toning and floor exercises that target key muscle groups, including your abs and lower back. Use it to help with alignment and stability strength by placing it between your knees in poses like Chair Pose, or place it under your back to provide support during floor exercises. This fitness tool is versatile, inexpensive and a great complement to your fitness regimen.

10. Skulpt Aim

The Skulpt Aim is an accurate professional-grade body tracker that gives you detailed feedback about your body composition, including body fat percent and an assessment of your individual muscle’s fitness. Sync your Skulpt Aim to the smartphone app and you can track your results and changes over time. The Skulpt Aim is great for a healthy family or group of colleagues working together toward fitness goals, as it allows you to save and store information for up to six users, while the Skulpt Chisel ($99) stores information for one user. The Skulpt Aim will provide you with an accurate assessment of your health, not just a body mass index (BMI) that is based on your height and weight, not muscle mass. Use these findings to locate the areas and muscles that are in need of improvement and to help you stay motivated.