12 Ways to Stop Your Stress Eating, According to Emotional Eating Experts

how to stop stress eating drink water

Grab a glass of water


It may be the oldest trick in the book, but Celio says if you’re feeling stressed, drinking a full glass of plain water can be a really helpful start. After all, many of us don’t drink enough water anyway and can confuse signs of hunger or unmanageable stress for what is actually just thirst.

how to stop stress eating write it downWrite it down

Celio says grabbing a notepad, not a phone or computer, but a real piece of paper, and physically writing things down can be a huge relief for someone in a stressful situation. She recommends writing bullet points of all the things causing you stress and why. “Writing down everything can clarify where the stress is coming from and can give you the perspective that while eating a bowl of pretzels does not, in fact, fix the faucet, but maybe YouTubing how to do it does,” she says.