8 Indoor plants that clean the air in your home or office


Primer Plano De La Planta Araña Hojas Frescas O Chlorophytum ...

Chlorophytum or “ribbon” is an undemanding silver (you can place it almost anywhere), and it does not need much care. They are quite common, so you can probably go to your neighbor and ask for a couple of stems. Additionally, the “tape” neutralizes chemicals that are normally used for cleaning in the house.

Light is essential for their development. It must be placed where it is well lit. In winter you can receive some direct sunshine. Keep in mind that the leaves shine or pale according to the intensity of the light they receive. Excess sun can burn their tips.

Ribbons like to live on a fertile substrate mixed with a little peat and sand. There is no need to water or fertilize excessively, nor be afraid that it will become small because it has tuberous roots in which food is stored.

Watering will be more abundant in summer than in winter. It resists dry air well, but is grateful for the occasional spraying.