8 Indoor plants that clean the air in your home or office

Camedorea or “Living room palm”

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It is the most effective way to clean formaldehyde from the air. To begin with it is best to place this silver near the window, where the sun shines, if everything goes well, after some time you will have a palm tree up to three meters high, which also looks spectacular.

It is a plant that can be cultivated both outdoors (in mild climates) and indoors, so:

  • Indoors: it has to be in a bright room, away from draughts and areas of passage. Do not place next to the window to avoid the magnifying glass effect.
  • Outside: in semi-shade, under tree branches or other large palms. Never place in the sun as it burns quickly.

During the summer you should water very often, about 3 to 5 times a week, while the rest of the year with 1 or 2 waterings a week you can have more than enough.