9 Original ways to combat heat



La poligamia entre los beduinos de Israel | El Nuevo Herald

We tend to take off as much clothing as we can as soon as temperatures rise, leaving a lot of skin exposed to the sun’s rays.

We can learn from traditional villages that live in very hot areas. Like the Bedouin people and the Tuaregs, who live in the desert. They keep their skin as covered as possible with long, loose clothing and wear turbans. If the breeze blows, it will slip under their skirts, which is very nice.

Of course, it is not a matter of imitating their clothing, but of being inspired by it. In fact, we can improve it and replace dark colours with light ones: blouses and long-sleeved skirts or three-quarter cotton or linen chiffon and wide brimmed hats. Ibiza adlib fashion can be a great inspiration.


Sitali Pranayama - www.kundalinihoy.com -

In yoga there is a breathing technique called sitali, which has a refreshing effect. It is done in the following way:

Stick out your tongue and roll it up so that the sides touch in the middle.
For a few minutes, breathe in through your mouth (through the “tunnel” created in the tongue) and breathe out through your nose.
This technique not only refreshes the body, but is also very relaxing. Remember that normally we must breathe in and out through the nose.