A 14-month-old baby’s healthy food options


1. Grains

Grains must make up a significant portion of a 14-month-old child. You can choose whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat bread for your baby. Or serve your child a serving of vegetable pasta. You can also sneak in some wholesome food while preparing the dish. Try to incorporate at least one serving (one serving for a baby is one-quarter of an adult’s serving) of grain into your baby’s diet. A strong addition to the 14 month old baby food plan.


2. Fruits

Tasty and sumptuous fruits will make great add-ons to any meal. They are a source of several nutrients that your toddler will need for the day. You must try to include one serving of fruit at each meal. One serving of fruit for a toddler is equal to 1/4th cup of fruit. Cut a ripe fruit into small pieces and serve to your baby.