A Guide to Healthy Baby Weaning Foods


1. Fruits:

Fruits are a great way to get your baby to start on solid foods- they are packed with important nutrients that your baby will need now that he’s not getting breast milk anymore. What’s more, fruits are sweet in a good way- they’re packed with natural sugars that your baby will definitely love.
Apples are one of the best foods to get your baby started with- peel an apple and mash it, and feed it to your baby a few tablespoons at a time. If your baby likes it, you can slowly start introducing pears, mangoes and other fruits too!


2. Juices:

Fruits juices are another great weaning option for your baby- but do avoid using packaged fruit juices as they have artificial flavoring agents and chemical additives and preservatives that could be harmful for your little one.
Start your kid’s day with a small helping of fresh fruit juice!