Air-Purifying Plants for Every Room in Your Healthy Home

Snake Plants in homeNot only do plants brighten your home, but some can even double as natural air-purifiers! These are some of our favorites.
Houseplants are a natural way to add color and character to your home. All you have to do is plant them in a cute indoor pot, find a spot where the plant will thrive, and let the greenery take it from there. (Oh, and be sure to water it now and then, too.) But did you know some houseplants also have health benefits?

Research conducted by NASA in 1989 found that certain plants, including the ones in this list, remove airborne pollutants that can cause a variety of health problems, like headaches, dizziness and eye irritation. More recently, research has found that just one plant won’t have an effect. To maximize their air-purifying benefits, you’ll need to place one of these plants in every 100 square feet of your home.

Peace Lily Plant

Peace Lily

If you’ve never owned a houseplant, a peace lily is a terrific place to start. These air-purifying plants have long-lasting white flowers, but the best part is that they’re incredibly resilient and will bounce back quickly, even if you forget to water them. You can generally find peace lilies at your local nursery, but you can also buy plants online.