Are Papayas Linked to Miscarriages During Pregnancy?


1. Is It Safe To Eat Papaya During Pregnancy?

Papaya may be one of your prenatal food cravings and you’re wondering if you can consume it. The answer is yes, it is safe as long as you are consuming ripe papaya in moderate quantities. But semi-ripe and unripe papaya may cause complications in pregnant women. Raw papaya is high in latex, a substance responsible for uterine contractions. Hence, doctors do not recommend consuming the green fruit as it may lead to adverse effects on expecting mothers.


2. Can Papaya Cause Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy?

An unripe and semi-ripe form of the fruit might increase the risk of miscarriage. The risk is high during the early stages of pregnancy as the latex in the fruit might trigger unnatural contractions leading to miscarriage.