Best Beard Care Products of 2023

Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

With a sale price that comes in just under $12 it’s no wonder that a whopping 35,000 Amazon reviewers can’t get enough of this beard balm. Not only is it affordable, but several people who have purchased the product love that a little goes a long way, it softens facial hair and also helps with beard itch and dandruff. “My beard is softer [after using the balm] and it looks nicer too. I’d recommend the product to anyone who uses a stronger soap for face cleaning as a strong soap turns your beard hair into steel wool. This, along with some good conditioner, helps put things back into shape,” one reviewer wrote.

Beard Straightener w/Beard Balm & Beard Growth Oil

XIKEZAN Beard Straightener w/Beard Balm & Beard Growth Oil

Tackle beard growth from every angle with this straightener, balm and growth oil combo. According to Cremo grooming company, beard straightening includes benefits like lengthening your beard and keeping it free of tangles, so it is a winner for anyone who is looking for ease with trimming or alternate styling options. One reviewer also noted that the “oil keeps my beard moisturized” and “the balm is good for conditioning; using them both together gives my beard a nice sheen and silky texture.”