Best Hair Oils of 2023, Tested by Experts

Champi hair oilJust like face oils, hair oils can be intimidating as many people still have an oil fear when it comes to beauty. But with all of the new formulations and ingredients, these formulas have become an integral part of haircare and styling routines for many different purposes.

Inde Wild Champi hair oil

“A special blend of Ayurvedic botanical oils and extracts passed down by the founder’s family, this is one of the few hair oils I’ve tried that has transformative effects,” says GH Beauty Director April Franzino. She uses it as a pre-shampoo treatment, coating her hair in the oil, wrapping it in a bun, then washing it out after about 20 minutes — no conditioner needed. It also can be used as an overnight treatment and can be warmed up for extra nourishment. “The fresh jasmine scent makes it feel like an indulgence and once dry, my hair is noticeably softer and silkier.” Some reviewers, however, felt that the fragrance was a little too intense.

Coconut Miracle Oil OGX Coconut Miracle Oil

If you are looking to tame flyaways without breaking the bank, you’ve met your match. “OGX Coconut Miracle Oil is a great budget-friendly find,” says Cassandra Olivia, a hair stylist and colorist in New York City. “It smells amazing due to the fact that the formula is a mix of coconut oil and vanilla bean extract.” This nourishing oil is ideal for medium to coarse hair and helps soften and smooth hair. Be sure to wipe the bottle down after using; some reviewers noted that the bottle gets and can easily stay greasy if not cleaned properly.