Best Hair Oils of 2023, Tested by Experts

Women Intensive Scalp TonicBoost It Women Intensive Scalp Tonic

Inexpensive and top-notch ingredients? Yes, really. This formula contains coffeeberry, a science-backed ingredient, in addition to a blend that includes ginseng, flaxseed and licorice. “Research shows that coffeeberry extract can have a benefit for hair growth and hair loss reduction,” says Birnur Aral, Ph.D., the executive director of the GH Beauty Lab. Reviewers agree, with one noting that “it’s really helping my hair grow.” If you are scent sensitive, take note: It has a strong smell that not all reviewers love.

Phyto-Molecular Oil LEAF & FLOWER Phyto-Molecular Oil

“This oil does wonders for damaged hair,” says Olivia. “It’s a non-greasy formula that uses a proprietary blend of breakthrough, plant-based cannabinoid extracts to encourage internal and external restoration of hair strands.” The best part? It adds major shine without weighing hair down. While most reviewers love the formula, one with fine hair felt it was too heavy for their hair type.