Best Hair Oils of 2023, Tested by Experts

BLEU Optical Illusion Smoothing OilR+Co BLEU Optical Illusion Smoothing Oil

Talk about a triple threat. “This oil from R+Co is weightless, completely cuts the frizz and hair has a glass shine finish,” says Saraf. In addition to the brand’s proprietary BLEU Molecule Complex, the oil contains sunflower seed oil to add shine and protect hair color and babassu oil to smooth down frizz and soften strands. It is pricey but Saraf, and other reviews, feel that it’s worth it.


Danusia Wnek, a senior chemist at the GH Beauty Lab, is a big fan of Arrojo hair products in general, as she loves the scent. “I can best describe it as an elegant, clean floral but not too overpowering,” she says. But this hair oil really stands out due to its super light texture that doesn’t weigh her hair down. “I don’t like a lot of product in my hair and I love that this is a multipurpose product that boosts shine, helps reduce my flyaways and smooths my hair,” she says. “The best part is that it always feels weightless no matter if I use it on wet hair or on dry hair for a touch up.” It is a small bottle, so use sparingly.