Best Knee Braces for Added Stability and Comfort, According to Experts and Reviews

Knee Compression Sleeve

Shock Doctor Knee Compression Sleeve

The Shock Doctor Knee Compression Sleeve is designed to help lend just enough support for most people with knee troubles, but not so much that you’ll feel like you can’t use your knee. Made of stretchy neoprene (i.e. wetsuit material), it’s soft to the touch and won’t dig into the skin. A strategically-placed vent helps keep you from getting overly sweaty while you exercise or walk in hot weather. You have the option to either have a closed patella or open patella (i.e. covering over your knee)—it’s up to you.

What the Reviews Say: “LOVE THIS! I have horrible knee issues. Bought one for my left knee, worked like a charm,” shared a fan. “Hubby got jealous. Bought one for his left knee and another for my right knee. These are great at keeping things in place and maintaining great pressure.”

Professional Knee BraceNeenca Professional Knee Brace

The Neenca knee brace is an Amazon bestseller, with over 56,000 ratings and nearly five stars. Fans rave about its comfort and slim fit, along with the padding around the patella. A brace down the side helps with additional stability. Choose from a wide range of color options.

What the Reviews Say: Consider this testimonial: “It stabilized my knee during a recent bout of knee pain and made it possible for me to walk and climb stairs. I wore it for three to four days during waking hours and it provided enough stability to resolve my knee pain issue.”