Best Natural Lubricants, According to Gynecologists

Natural Personal Lube

Aloe Cadabra Natural Personal Lube

With antibacterial properties and no oil to break down the integrity of a condom, your go-to sunburn remedy doubles as a natural form of lube, Dr. Wider says. As with any lube, you just want to avoid perfumes or additives (check the ingredient list to make sure it’s almost 100% aloe vera). With aloe vera, the only way to get 100% is to harvest the plant yourself—but this product gets pretty darn close with 95% organic aloe vera, vitamin E oil, and a few necessary preservatives.

What people are saying: “Finally a product that makes my extremely sensitive lady friend very happy. I have tried so many products and they all cause burning. This feels 100% natural and causes no burning whatsoever!”

Almost Naked Personal LubricantGood Clean Love Almost Naked Personal Lubricant

Designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, this aloe-based natural lube is 95% organic, free of parabens and potentially harmful chemicals, and can be used safely with condoms. And it’s never greasy or sticky, Good Clean Love’s lubricant feels soothing, applies smoothly, and simply does the job when vaginal dryness hits.

What people are saying: “There’s lots of products out there that are either too slippery or become sticky after a short period of time. This isn’t one of them! Provides the right amount of lubrication without getting sticky at the wrong time!”