Best Self-Tanners for a Healthy Glow

Self Tanning Milky LotionSkip the skin-damaging sun and get your glow on the safe way with a faux tan that looks so real no one will believe it’s from a bottle. Over the years, self-tanners have improved vastly thanks to advances in product formulation that address issues like the dreaded orange cast (by using cooler tones), unpleasant scent (helped by superior odor-neutralizing and masking fragrances) and streaking (better formulation bases such as self-tanning drops, lotions, creams, mousses, wipes and mists that apply and spread more easily).

Clarins Self Tanning Milky Lotion

A GH Beauty Lab test winner, this Clarins lightweight lotion with softening glycerin can be used on both face and body to give skin a flattering warmth that testers loved. Evaluations found that the lotion glided on effortlessly with no mess or drying time.

Every single tester agreed the instructions were easy to follow, usage wasn’t messy, it absorbed fast and as a bonus, it leaves a natural-looking finish. Several reported that the color wasn’t “orangey,” but some thought it was streaky. “This is a winner — I’ll never go back to the self-tanners I’ve used in the past,” one said. Note: The buildable formula doesn’t need to be rinsed off and can be reapplied as desired to get a darker shade (a tester said two applications resulted in a “deep tan”).

Express Tan Tinted Mousse

Ulta Express Tan Tinted Mousse

Bronze beautifully without breaking the bank using this tinted Ulta Beauty foam formula, which scored top in GH Beauty Lab testing at achieving a “tan” that looked uniform and faded evenly. It rated above the rest on many fronts: 100% of testers liked the “airy” mousse and mitt application, 85% said the color wasn’t streaky or blotchy, 95% found that it faded evenly and 90% would continue to use it. “The result looked like my actual suntanned skin,” one raved. However, some testers felt it was too light, sharing that it didn’t give them an “ultra dark” color even after multiple applications.