Best Weight Loss Apps to Help You Achieve Your Goals, According to Experts

best weight loss fitness appsNoom

Price: $70 per month

Operating system: iOS and Android

Noom is an app that encourages daily behavior changes for long-term weight loss and focuses on fitness and nutrition to help users “stop dieting,” according to the company. The program uses psychology-based approaches to foster healthy habits and offers a team of health experts and coaches to guide you, per the company. The app also offers custom programs for those with medical conditions like type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

“I’ve been with Noom for a month now and I’m really enjoying the platform. The information they give you is broken down into easily digestible groups, their approach to weight loss is different than anything I’ve tried before,” wrote on iOS user. “There is the calorie tracking element, water intake tracking, steps taken, all that stuff but, it’s more there for you to see how you are progressing instead of being drilled into your head that you have to do all those things without fail everyday to see success. I’m down 10 pounds as of this morning and I’m very pleased with that.”

best weight loss apps fooducate appFooducate

Pice: Free with in-app purchases

Operating system: iOS and Android

Fooducate aims to educate you about the food you eat by grading each item by its quality—helping you truly understand what you’re putting in your body and how to read nutrition labels. The app also offers thousands of healthy recipes to make cooking healthy meals at home easier than ever. You can also personalize your experience with a number of eating plan programs including low FODMAPketolow-carb, heart health, and more.

An iOS reviewer wrote, “I’m a nutritionally illiterate 40-year-old with terrible eating habits. I like everything I’m not supposed to eat, and I sometimes feel like I hate all healthy options. I was overjoyed to discover that this app existed — and links with Apple Health — to give me much-needed insight and feedback into my eating habits so I can make some adjustments to my diet.”