Best Weight Loss Apps to Help You Achieve Your Goals, According to Experts

best weight loss apps alltrails appAllTrails

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Operating system:iOS and Android

Hoping to get outside more this year? Harness the incredible power of walking with AllTrails, which lets users discover trails near them, track their progress and location, and download maps for offline use. You don’t have to worry about getting lost, timing your trip, or even keeping track of your favorite trails—it’s all in the app. All you need to do is get there in the first place.

“AllTrails is such a great resource for anyone who loves to hike!” an iOS user said. “I love even more that I can put my phone on airplane mode so that I’m not using data while on my hike and still use the record feature. I always check out the All Trails reviews from other hikers before heading out, and usually find that other hikers have great insight/feedback about trail conditions.”

best weight loss apps glo appGlo

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Operating system: iOS and Android

There’s nothing quite like completing a flow alongside other people in a yoga studio—but Glo is the next-best option, especially when you’re busy and just need to squeeze a workout in. Search yoga classes by type, intensity, and time limit, among other criteria, or even sign up for a live class to recreate the studio experience at home. Whether you want to warm up for exercise, use yoga as its very own workout, or prepare for bed, you’ll find the flow that’s right for you.

“As a person who lives with depression, anxiety, and addiction, YogaGlo has had a significant and lasting effect on my body, mind and spirit,” an iOS user wrote. “Coming home from the gym, a bike ride or a hike, I can find recovery and restorative classes that fit the time I have.”