Best Workout Apps to Download in 2023, According to Trainers and Reviews

best workout apps — myzone workout appBest for Heart Rate Stats: MyZone Workout App

One of the best ways to track your fitness is tracking your heart rate while you work out. That’s the focus of this app, which follows your beats per minute, calories burned, percentage of maximum effort, and more, and then lets you share with your friends on social channels. You do need to pair it with a heart rate monitor to get the stats, but it’s worth it if you’re serious about keeping tabs on your workout progress.

best workout apps — daily yogaBest for Yoga: Daily Yoga Workout App

Get your Om on with the more than 100 yoga and meditation classes available through Daily Yoga. Choose your session based on the area of your body you’d like to work on and your experience level Newbie alert: There’s an entire series of beginner-friendly tutorials if you’re just starting out. The app also connects you with other yogis to ask questions and share experiences, and it keeps records of your practice—so you can look back on your sessions and see how you’re making progress.