Diagnose Ffxiv Launcher Error, Full Guide

Ultimate fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (or FFXIV for brief) is an enormously preferred multiplayer video game that used to be released back in 2013 for Microsoft windows, playstation three, playstation four and MacOS. Because of its significant servers and great element, it’s susceptible to a number of mistakes and the one i’ll train you easy methods to diagnose and fix at present is the Launcher Error, which can be referred to as Error 2146697211. When you love taking part in this game however maintain getting this error, this web publication submit is for you because it has the entire steps and instruments you’ll have got to right this difficulty so which you could get back to gaming.

What is that this Error?

Earlier than we simply get into the solution of this error, I feel an underrated piece of potential that persons gloss over is what the exact error is. That is simply excellent normal expertise to have and generally it may well support you in fixing and diagnosing this error.

Find out how to Diagnose; When Does It occur?

This error will appear if you end up looking to launch the game, as a consequence it being known as the “launcher error”. It is going to occur proper while you open the game and will not permit you to play in any respect except it’s resolved. Therefore, time is of the essence in relation to correcting this crisis considering the fact that I’m definite you’ll want to start enjoying again as speedily as possible.

“final year in Germany at a town corridor in Leipzig there was a sport tune live performance performed by the orchestra and one of the vital final fantasy ratings have been performed. This year there is a different concert scheduled in the equal place, for sport track”. – Nobuo Uematsu

What factors It

essentially, this error is telling you that you are unable to connect with their servers for anything rationale. There are some minute small print that may be responsible for you not being equipped to connect with the server, but I gained’t get into those due to the fact you gained’t be ready to inform which is happening and knowing them really isn’t all that precious. Just be aware of that you gained’t be ready to connect with the servers, which is undoubtedly a giant obstacle as this sport is founded entirely on the net multiplayer.

You will discover from the screenshot provided above that this error will normally be displayed as “A process error has came about – 2146697211”. That’s lovely ambiguous, as they quite don’t give an explanation for what’s going on at all. This is fashioned with error messages, as few actually are necessary and inform you what is going on like this one. This is one of the things that frustrates me probably the most about error messages, as they seem so international to individuals that you just might suppose they are trying to deliberately confuse you.

Worry no longer though due to the fact although you’ll be harassed, this error is really slightly easy to fix. In fact, you typically already know tips on how to do many of the tactics. For this reason, let’s just get into these options in the subsequent section which will get on our way toward eliminating this nuisance and again to playing the game.


These solutions are rather usual as there are really no tactics on here that you just haven’t heard of. Actually, I’m certain you realize learn how to do most if no longer all of them. The factor is figuring out follow them appropriately and after studying this you will have to be better ready for correcting this error as well as many others as these same normal principles can also be utilized to many other error messages. So here are the solutions in the order of which you should try them. After doing

So here are the options in the order of which you should try them. After doing every step, restart the game after which open it to look if this error has disappeared. If no longer, don’t worry, just proceed on to your next step.

Solution #1: Reboot the sport

here’s essentially the most basic on the list and you will have already completed it. Each time you get any form of error, constantly restart whatever process you’re on. Yes, it’s easy however it is going to work typically.

Going along with this step, if this restarting the sport doesn’t work, then reset your wifi router or modem. Effectively unplug the whole lot from the wall, making definite the entire lights are turned off and wait about 30 seconds. After that connect the whole thing as soon as again and once your pc connects to it, do that error once more.

Solution #2: Reinstall the game

There could also be a computer virus inside the file of your recreation that is inflicting this error. This is particularly significant should you just downloaded the game or an update as a file may be corrupt. First, determine on final fantasy’s website to look if there are any to be had updates. If there are, install them. If now not, without difficulty delete the game and download it once more.

Solution #3: determine for approach Updates

it doesn’t matter what you’re taking part in the game on, whether is a computer or a video game console, may have updates each couple of months or so, supply or take. These updates are used to replace gameplay as good as fix disorders that are normal for many customers.

Who knows, if this launcher error has been taking place with extra frequency than typical, the running procedure that you’re taking part in on may just liberate an replace. Determine to look, and if not, continue on to the next step.

Solution #four: Flush your DNS cache

Your DNS cache is a database that quickly stores documents of all up to date and attempted visits to web pages or different internet situated programs (like FFXIV). Flushing or clearing this cache could proper this error, so right here’s how to do this on each a Mac and the trendy web browser Google Chrome.


to try this on a Mac requires you to variety in some code. To try this, you need to open Terminal. Learn our article on it here to be taught how to do that.

After getting opened Terminal, you are going to variety in a distinct code to be able to totally flush your cache.

The code you type in might be completely exclusive depending on what application version you presently are utilizing for your Mac. For a first-rate list on what to style in depending for your version, check out this article.

Google Chrome

Clearing your DNS cache by way of Google Chrome is far easier personally than by way of your Mac laptop.

To take action, open up Chrome, and sort in chrome://internet-internals/#DNS into the quest bar and press Enter.
On the left-hand part, a menu is shown. Pick DNS.
From the DNS web page, there might be a button you will see that reads Clear Host Cache. Select it, and that’s all you must do.
As you can find, it is a much less difficult step than utilising your Mac laptop. However, the Mac approach is still plausible if you use distinctive browsers and need to clear the whole pc.

Solution #5: Renew Your IP deal with

think of this step as like refreshing an online page when it’s not loading. The only difference is that alternatively of an URL, we are coping with your IP address. Here’s how one can do it on a Mac or pc.


via clicking on the Apple button within the prime left-hand corner and go to approach alternative.
After that, open community. As soon as once more, decide upon the network you are related to and click on on the developed button.
From the tabs, pick TCP/IP.
Eventually, click on Renew DHCP lease and doing so will renew your IP tackle.
Home windows

a bit of bit extra easy for home windows, readily open up your command immediate through clicking on the windows key + X and then identifying Command immediate (admin). Once that is opened, variety ipconfig/liberate and then press Enter. One the next line, form ipconfig/renew and press Enter once more. That’s all you have to do to renew your IP deal with.

ultimate myth XIV is a best game adored by using hundreds of thousands all over the world because of its exceptional online multiplayer mode that can keep enormous quantities of humans within a game. Because of these gigantic steady server demands from nearly every nook of the globe, there are bound to be some error.

Essentially the most fashioned example of this that you may get comes within the form of this launcher error which is as a rule displayed as 2146697211. For those who get this error, then don’t worry on account that at the least one of the vital solutions that I supplied here can be competent to correct the drawback for you. You can find that they’re all reasonably simple and also you should be in a position to complete all of them inside a matter of a half of hour or so. Worst case situation if none of these options works is that their servers are down, so you may also ought to look ahead to an hour or two except they get them again as much as completely functioning.

After reading this article, you must now know the whole lot you must about the right way to adequately diagnose as good as fix the launcher error on FFXIV. Nonetheless, when you have any other further questions involving it, consistently consider free to depart a remark in the section down under. Also, when you appreciated my writing and wish to read other error code articles that i have penned, check out all of them here. Other than that, have a nice day and good luck in fixing this error!