Discover the 7 reasons why men like women with short hair


6. It does not hinder

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Interestingly, men claim that a big advantage they like about short hair is when it comes to cuddling. They don’t like their partner’s hair getting in their mouth and eye. Besides, they also prefer not to find hair scattered in the shower, on the sheets, on the clothes, you can find hair everywhere, as far as you can imagine. It’s very practical!

7. It usually means that a woman cares about her appearance

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Last but not least, a short hairstyle does not happen by accident. If a woman bothers to choose a good haircut and keep it, it means she takes good care of herself. This is very important for men, as it shows that a woman is interested in taking care of her appearance.

Do you prefer long or short hair in women? And for women: have you noticed a difference in men’s attention based on the length of your hair?