Fermented Foods to Improve Well-Being


1.Digging Into Fermented Foods Benefits

The clamor over fermented foods is recent, but we’ve been enjoying them for about 10,000 years. People originally fermented foods to preserve them. Today, it simply adds to their flavor. Think of rich dairy like Greek yogurt, kefir, cheddar and Stilton cheeses, yeasty sourdough bread, crunchy pickles, tangy sauerkraut, spicy kimchi, and drinks like kombucha.


2.Big Boosts From Tiny Organisms

Besides good taste, fermented foods are loaded with certain strains of good bacteria and yeast. These happen naturally in some foods. Others have cultures added to them. Eating these foods helps balance good and bad bacteria in your intestinal tract. That can boost overall health in ways that science has just started to uncover. Many studies have been small, but results are promising. Here’s what we know so far.