Health Benefits of Common Vegetables

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts have become a widely popular side dish at restaurants and in homes. Delicious roasted in the oven or sauteed, this cruciferous vegetable carries a range of health benefits. These include their high fiber content, folate, and an array of vitamins. To fully enjoy brussels sprouts, consider roasting them to a crisp and topping them with a high-protein cheese or simply spicing them with iodine-rich sea salt.


Vegetarians and vegans, in particular, are wise to load up on spinach. The leafy green is full of iron, which is also commonly found in meat and animal products. Spinach can also help with high blood pressure. Studies have found that even over a short period of time, increasing the consumption of spinach can lead to lowered blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health. Get spinach in everything from a salad to a sauteed side with a protein for dinner.