Healthy Filling Foods That Help You Feel Full Longer

Healthy snacks on wooden table
If that small lunch salad isn’t cutting it anymore, upgrade your everyday diet with these healthy filling foods.

As I’m sure my husband would be quick to tell you, it’s not easy being married to someone prone to becoming hangry. These intense feelings of hunger and anger can hit at any moment, and when they do, no one is safe. To help prevent any hanger-induced outbursts, I make sure to keep a kitchen full of healthy filling foods to grab at a moment’s notice.

Salmon and Spud Salad

What can I eat that is healthy but filling?

Look for healthy foods that are high in protein and fiber. The protein in foods like eggs and nuts will keep you feeling satisfied. Eating high-fiber foods like beans and spinach slows down your digestion, keeping you full and preventing spikes and dips in blood sugar.

What foods are filling but low in calories? In general, it’s best to look for whole, real foods like fresh vegetables or lean protein, as opposed to processed foods like pretzels or crackers.