Healthy Foods Rich in Fiber to Prevent Constipation During Pregnancy


1. Consuming fiber-rich foods during pregnancy has several health benefits.

For example, it helps you stay satisfied for longer without consuming extra calories, regulate blood sugar, relieve constipation, and lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Pregnant women can easily meet their daily fiber requirements by eating a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, cereals, and beans. If you cannot get enough fiber from your diet, consult a doctor for fiber supplements. However, even though fiber is good for you, consuming it in excess may lead to side effects such as abdominal pain or bloating.


2. What Are The Types Of Fiber And Their Role In Pregnancy?

The fiber found in plant-based diets plays a key role in digestive health. While it is not digestible and does not provide a direct energy source, it can still help improve prenatal health in various ways. There are two types of fiber – soluble and insoluble, both of which are very important during pregnancy.