Healthy Foods to Consume When Expecting


3. Avocados

They are rich in fiber, vitamins B, K, C and E, potassium, and copper. They also contain healthy fats (monounsaturated fats) that help in fetal skin, brain, and tissue development.
How much to take: Half of a medium sized avocado every day (7)
Ways to consume: Guacamole (avocado-based) could be used as a dip or spread for chips, wraps, crackers, and sandwiches; avocado with baked egg; roasted avocado; avocado salad.

4. Sweet potatoes

They are a good source of beta-carotene that your body converts into vitamin A (8). This vitamin is essential for the growth and differentiation of cells and tissues in the fetus. But make sure your total intake of vitamin A does not exceed the recommended daily allowance (RDA) as it could lead to complications. Sweet potatoes are also rich in fiber that reduces blood sugars, makes you feel full and aids in digestion.
How much to take: 1 cup a day meets the RDA of vitamin A
Ways to consume: Bake them in the oven and drizzle with olive oil; boil them and have with any dip or sauce.