How to Buy a Domain from GoDaddy Step-by-Step

As you learnt about how to create a website from my article, if you have not read it click hereto read it first. In this article I am going to tell you how to buy a domain from GoDaddy Step-by-Step. There are numerous platforms for buying domain names and Web Hosting space but my recommended are only GoDaddyHostGatorBlueHost and Wix.

Now we are ready to learn how to buy a domain from GoDaddy Step-by-Step, follow instructions and screenshots. The interface may vary because of continuous improvement and updates in GoDaddy.

Let’s begin!

Step 1. ) Open your browser, I recommend Chrome, and log on to

Step 2. ) Write the name of your website that you want to get registered with, for instance I am using, then click Search Domain

Step 3. ) If this domain is not available try another, fortunately was available, if your domain name is available click Add to Cart.

Step 4. ) Once added to card, click Continue to Cart.

Step 5. ) Once added you will be offered several valuable offers from GoDaddy, if you want to buy any that or select No Thanks and scroll down and click Save/Continue.

Step 6. ) Now it’s time to register your account with GoDaddy. Click Create Account.

Step 7. ) Fill your information and click Create Account or continue with Facebook. Choice is yours.

Step 8. ) Here you have to decide how long you want to keep your domain with you, for instance I selected 1 year you can select as per your choice. Select 1 Year and click Save.

Step 9. ) It’s time to pay, you can avail different options for your payment, I chose credit card. Add the relevant payment information and click Save.

Step 10. ) Once payment method saved, click Complete Purchase.

Step 11. ) If you have any promotion code, you can select Have Promotion Code? And then click Complete Purchase, another dialog box will appear where you have to add promotion code and click Apply.

Step 12. ) For payment security you might receive One Time Password (OTP) either in your email or at your number, add that OTP and click Make Payment.

Step 13. ) Bravo!!! All Done….

Congratulations! It’s all set now. You have successfully registered your domain with GoDaddy.