How to Buy Bitcoins with Localbitcoins

In this write-up I am going to show you how to buy Bitcoin with If you have not learnt about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, you should read it also.

If you are willing to buy Bitcoin and confused about how to buy it? Which method is easiest to follow? Then this article will help you. There are so many websites where you can buy Bitcoin but my recommended one is

Let’s Start.

1.   Open your browser type press enter and click Sign up free. Once you sign up login your account  and click

2.   Fill out your information and click Register.

3.   A new dialog box for Terms of Services and Privacey Policy may appear read, scroll down and click Agree on both.

4.   You will be notified “Account ********** created successfully! Check your e-mail ********** to verify the address.

5.   Login to your register email, open email and click on the link provided by Localbitcoins to verify your email.

6.   Once email confirmed, from top menu click Buy Bitcoins.

7.   Please select the buyer and you want to trade with.

8.   Review thoroughly his/her portfolio and rating on the website. Once you decide which buyer you want to trade with scroll down and click buy.

9.   Please add amount in your local currency or Bitcoin you want to buy, type your message to start conversation with seller and Click Send Request.

10.   Once you send request, chat with seller ask for Payment information method. Use your bank or any other payment method that is suggested by seller. After you transfer amount send him screenshot and DO NOT FORGET TO click Mark payment complete.

11.   After seller release your Bitcoin, you will see following message on your screen.

12.   It’s done… Do not forget to write review/feedback for the seller.

13. Check your balance. It is worthwhile to mention if you do not receive the balance you do not delay in contacting Localbitcoins Customer Support.