How to Create a Website

If you are an absolutely newbie, not techy and don’t know about the ABC of the website design process but very eager to create your own website by your own then this article is gonna help you a lot in understanding What is Domain, What is Web Hosting, How to Register a Website and How to Design Your Own Website. This is the ultimate link, it let you learn how to create a website.

So, let’s begin guys.

What is a Website, why do we create it?

Website is collection of text, image-based, video and audio information in the shape of World Wide Web (www) pages, this textual and interactive content can be used for your personal use if you have a lot of great ideas and want to share with the world via posting on the internet you can create your website, or if you want your business to grow by showcasing your products and services on the internet, you really need a website then.

What you need before creating a Website?

  1. Domain registration and Web Hosting
  2. Web designing tool/program

Understanding Domain

We all have a name like Jim, Anthony, Tom, Harry, right? In simple words each website has a unique name, the name of your choice, that name is called domain. It starts http://www and ends with .com (normally) like ( You can register your domain with .com, .net, .info, .biz, .edu (depends on your website content, normally .com is famous for small business and individuals).

We have First name, Middle name, and Surname, and domain has Four parts prefix, sub-domain, name, extension. Let’s explain it for you.

http:// = prefix / protocol
www = sub-domain
mobilewithdrivers = name of website
.com = extension / top-level domain

Got it? Let’s move.

Understanding Web Hosting

After you register a domain name you must buy a web-hosting service. Web Hosting is a web-based space where all data files of your website will be stored. You can store your text, images, video, and audio for your website. Your data is stored in special computers of the domain and web-hosting providers to access on internet 24/7.

You can buy Web Hosting services from the same domain registration provider.

How to register a Website Domain and Web Hosting?

For registration of a professional website, you must spend some bucks, there are also several services that offer this service free of cost but with very limited features and with its suffix at the end of your website name. My most favorite domain and web-hosting providers are the following.

How to create a Website?

Once you spent bucks or chose free service for your domain and Web Hosting service you need a few tools/programs to create your website design. This is the decision you have to take depending on your skills which will allow you how to create a website. The most powerful and easiest tool is WordPress, it is not any program like others which you normally install on your computer and start creating any time. WordPress is an online free tool where you can start creating your website only if you have internet connectivity.

You should install WordPress on your domain and get started, WordPress is as easy as 1 2 3 for beginners. You can find numerous free pre-designed themes for your website and customize it according to your needs.


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