How to Get a Workout in While Traveling

outdoor hiking background with hiking trail footpath signTake a hike

Another easy way to get a workout in while traveling is to look for local hiking trails. Whether you have access to a forest preserve, a nature walking path, or a nearby park, explore what hiking options are available to you during your stay. If you are lucky enough to be staying near a state park or national park, it’s absolutely worth a day trip to check it out. Just be sure to do your research and be ready get any park passes you may need.

exercise mat and water bottleLook up local events

Another option to get a workout in while traveling is to check out the community center or local park district website, and all of their social media channels. Depending on your destination, there may be complimentary classes held outdoors for locals, and maybe you! Think of things like mat pilates, yoga, or Tai Chi.