Introducing Prevention’s 2022 Health at Home Award Winners

Pressure Relief Seat CushionC CUSHION LAB Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

We all spend a good chunk of time sitting, whether it’s while we work or unwind, but this can sometimes lead to aches and pains. Proper support may help reduce or eliminate that discomfort. This seat cushion is made from extra dense memory foam that’s odor resistant, and is designed to relieve hip pressure and improve sitting posture. It’s perfect for your kitchen chair, couch, or even the car, and there are several color options to match any décor. Build yourself the perfect ergonomic setup by adding a Back Relief Lumbar Cushion and Ergonomic Foot Cushion.

Double Seat Cushion Purple Double Seat Cushion

Upgrade your home office chair or make your next road trip a little bit comfier. Two layers of GelFlex Grid support your tailbone to help prevent pain from long sitting sessions. And you have ultimate comfort control—one side is softer, and you can flip it over if you desire a firmer feel.