Is Coca-Cola Safe to Drink While Pregnant?


1. What Is Coke And How Is It Made?

Wikipedia defines Cola as a beverage that has been carbonated and flavored. Traditionally, the Cola constituted of caffeine from Kola Nut, cocaine from Cola leaves, and vanilla as the flavoring agent. However, now cocaine usage has been stopped, and even flavoring extends beyond the vanilla flavor. And that’s the reason you now see all varieties of drinks available in the market.


2. Is Drinking Coke During Pregnancy Safe?

To answer it in one line, yes, it is safe if you restrict caffeine intake to 300mg daily. But limiting does not guarantee that its side effects are now nil. Mostly caffeine takes a bit longer in getting digested, and as pregnancy progresses, even the breaking down of caffeine slows down, exposing the unborn baby to the ill effects of caffeine.