Is Coca-Cola Safe to Drink While Pregnant?


3. Drinking coke during pregnancy

might not be a good option as it does not offer any nutritional value, and the calories which you keep on sipping are considered to be empty calories. And we all know, how important it for a pregnant woman to take a balanced and nutritious diet. So limiting soda consumption is crucial.

4. The Side Effects Of Exceeding The Permissible Limit Of Coke

Caffeine present in the coke, which is present in a woman’s body in the indigestible form, reaches through the placenta, and and the baby absorbs it completely. Studies have shown that the body of a pregnant woman, caffeine is present up to 11 hours. But the fetus can retain it until 100 hours, for the simple reason that they are developing babies and don’t have necessary enzymes to detoxify and break down caffeine.