Is Coca-Cola Safe to Drink While Pregnant?


5. What Are The Sweeteners And Preservatives Added To Coke?

Don’t be fooled by Zero sugar or diet coke labels which give the impression that they don’t have sugar. Most of the aerated soft drinks comes soft drinks come with artificial sugars. And studies have shown that these sweeteners, flavoring agents, preservatives are not advisable for a pregnant woman.
Some of the commonly used sweeteners are:
Aspartame (NutraSweet) – It is a safe sweetener, but you should consume it in a moderate quantity. In fact, studies have shown that a pregnant woman should avoid this sweetener as it could also cause depression or chronic pain.
Sucralose (Splenda) – This is just a modified version of table sugar and pretty much safe during pregnancy

6. Do You Wish To Get Away With Coke Cravings?

Pregnancy makes a woman crave many things, but she needs to know which things are safe to indulge in. It is not easy to kick the habit! But you need to remember to cut down on caffeinated drinks to ensure proper fetal growth and development. So look out for these options as an alternative, and if you still feel the urge, sip it and keep it within safe limits. Drink it occasionally and not regularly.