Is Eating Bologna Safe During Pregnancy?


1. Bologna is a dried, smoked beef sausage, like salami

It is a blend of meat, fat, salt, and spices. Many women who love meat might be apprehensive about eating bologna while pregnant. If you are craving that bologna sandwich during pregnancy and not sure if it would be safe, scroll down this post to know more about its safety and alternatives to bologna.


2. What Is Bologna?

Bologna is a type of sausage made out of finely ground pork and contains chunks of lard in it. It is believed to have been derived from Italy’s mortadella sausage originally found in the city of Bologna in Italy. According to the regulations of the US Government, the Bologna that is sold in the American market has to be finely ground and should not have any visible chunks of lard. Alternatively, Bologna can also be made using soy protein, chicken, beef, venison or turkey.