Is Eating Jamun Healthy While Pregnant?


1. Is Jamun Fruit Safe To Eat During Pregnancy?

There are claims that eating jamun during pregnancy can create small dark patches on the skin of the baby. However, there are no studies supporting it. You can eat jamun in moderation. But do ask your doctor about it.


2. Nutritional Profile Of Jamun

According to the USDA, about 100 grams of raw black plum provides 60 kilocalories, 15.56g carbohydrates, 0.72g protein, 0.23g fat, 19mg calcium, 15mg magnesium, 17mg phosphorus, 79mg potassium, 14mg sodium, and 0.19mg iron. It also has 14.3mg of Vitamin C, 0.006mg thiamine, 0.012mg riboflavin, 0.260mg niacin, and 0.038mg vitamin B6.